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Kyra Hudson, Mediator and Lawyer

Kyra believes conflict is normal part of any workplace and that applying practical and meaningful processes to deal with conflict is integral to the success of organizations and relationships. Kyra works with clients to determine the best approach to each situation and then participates in facilitating the process to bring about the best resolution; whether it requires a collaborative process like mediation or conflict coaching, or a more formal fact-finding investigation.

As a lawyer, mediator, workplace investigator, trainer and conflict coach, Kyra has assisted clients with matters in the public and private sector, in unionized and non-unionized environments, and in non-profit and for-profit organizations. She often works with post-secondary institutions and has conducted several investigations involving students. She has conducted investigations on issues of discrimination, harassment, bullying, sexual misconduct and code of conduct breaches. Kyra has completed specialized training in conducting trauma-informed sexual misconduct investigations. Kyra is a member of the Law Society of BC and Mediate BC’s Civil Roster and worked as a BC Provincial Court Mediator for 10 years.

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T: 604-809-7175