Workplace Investigations

Southern Butler Price conducts workplace investigations on a variety of issues including harassment, workplace bullying, misconduct and privacy breaches. We deliver an efficient and effective result, with findings that are clear, understandable and accepted by the participants.

We strongly believe that engaging a reliable and fair Investigator results in a sustainable and acceptable outcome, demonstrates the necessary due diligence, and results in less litigation post-investigation.

Post-Investigation Rebuild

Although the immediate need is the investigation in response to the complaint, the long-term solution lies in a thoughtful Rebuild.

In the Rebuild, we help your organization heal divisions, restore trust and move forward with positive momentum.

The Rebuild is a process designed to ensure:

  • Post-investigation conversations take place with the guidance of one of our expert facilitators

  • Training is tailored to fill identified gaps and increase capacity

  • Opportunities and challenges are communicated to those who will lead the movement out of conflict towards strategic organizational growth


Building on several years of adjudication at the Labour Relations Board, and her work as the Registrar for the BC Nurses’ and the Health Employers Association of BC assisting them to resolve grievances efficiently and fairly, Lisa Southern is a practical, no-nonsense adjudicator of disputes. Paula Butler brings her common sense to the arbitration process along with an attitude of humility to the role - holding a reverence for the importance of the work and the impact that not having answers and uncertainty can have on both individuals and organizations.


As lawyers at Southern Butler Price, we are passionate about ADR and mediation as great options for resolving many workplace disputes.

We are skilled mediators, finders of solutions and solvers of problems. We have a collective attitude of ‘anything is possible’ if those involved can find a space to be creative, positive and collaborative. We create that space. We help people have honest, real conversations that get to the heart of the issues and then guide them to the place where they move beyond them to finding positive outcomes. This is our “sweet spot” - where true respectful workplaces evolve - where we help people solve their conflict and teach skills for problem solving.


Investigator Training • Respectful Workplace Training • Privacy Obligations • Mediation • Conflict Resolution • Difficult Conversations • Effective Communication Skills • Bargaining • Management Skills

Every training session is designed to respond to the needs of the participants, the goals of management, and the overall values of the workplace.

We design experiential and useful training sessions giving the participants tools, techniques and most importantly, new ways of thinking about the topic. During the session, we use storytelling, pop-quizes, brainstorming, role modeling, and skill building exercises to keep participants engaged in learning in a practical and fun way.


Do you need to talk it out? You need Southern Butler Price.

From Shelina Neallani’s training in communication coaching and Yuki Matsuno’s years of dealing with family law disputes (no harder conversations than those), to Jillian Humphrey’s and Nicole Price’s practical in-house experience in large and complex organizations, we are skilled in helping guide and support the most difficult and courageous conversations related to work.


Having an outside voice - neutral, experienced and trusted - to guide complex human resources issues and provide immediate, safe support to employees is important.

For smaller organizations or those in transition that may not need a permanent ombudsperson role, Southern Butler Price can provide the ombudsperson support and services that help transition through the rocky to the sustainable.

Environmental Scans

There are moments before complaints are filed, before there are protagonists and antagonists, winners and losers. Leaders know these moments, and mine the opportunities that exist to be proactive and get ahead of the conflict before it gets beyond repairable.

Whether there are a multitude of grievances in a department, retention issues, or the gossip and negative rumblings that can be part of a workplace’s informal communication system, there is an opportunity to find out what is happening before it reaches the claim, complaint or resignation stage.

Southern Butler Price designs environmental scan processes that are confidential and efficient. We employ tools that help communicate outcomes while respecting privacy, all with a view of supporting positive change.

Executive Coaching & Mentorship

Southern Butler Price helps leaders build respectful and accountable workplace cultures and meet organizational goals of innovation, productivity and safety by supporting the foundation of a people culture and a positive climate.

We provide a safe and comfortable space for senior leaders to discuss challenging situations and to develop a plan to address them.

We are trusted advisors on complex matters and provide confidential legal guidance to leaders on an ongoing basis to find positive resolutions.

We provide support to improve critical skills in leadership success, including communication coaching and mediation training.

Employment Policies & Procedures

Southern Butler Price works with employers to ensure employee-related policies and procedures represent best practice (and are legally compliant).

We can create new or assess existing policies and procedures to identify areas for improvement and change.

For new employees, we can develop or assess hiring practices and new employee orientation models to ensure the right employee is chosen and developed.

We can develop or update employee handbooks to ensure they are accessible and current to reflect organizational goals and values.

We can create or review mentorship and evaluation programs to support continued learning, succession and development of employees.

Engaging a reliable, fair investigator results in a sustainable outcome, demonstrates the necessary due diligence, and results in less litigation post-investigation. We will ensure that whatever process you pursue, we will help you find a timely, cost-effective and proportionate response to your workplace issue.”
— Lisa Southern