We guide organizations through conflict, build capacity and improve workplace culture through accountability, fairness and respect.


Based in Greater Vancouver, Southern Butler Price’s lawyers are well suited to traditional approaches to resolving disputes, but our passion lies with applying dispute resolution (DR) approaches. We guide organizations across British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon (and beyond) to find the workplace solutions that enhance their organizations’ commitment to building a positive workplace environment. We are problem solvers.

Our processes may include an opportunity to translate problems resolved to learnings for broader organizational growth and positive cultural change. Training, post-mortem review and 'what did we learn today' analysis, conducted in a manner that respects privacy and allows for learnings beyond the immediate complaint or concern, support sustainable organizational transformation.


Supporting federal and provincial employers by providing neutral, fair and skilled investigation services. Our goal is to bring people together, and help you build your organization’s capacity by reinforcing roles, enhancing connections and maximizing talents. 

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We advise on employment law, labour law, and workplace human rights law. Our experienced lawyers have helped hundreds of clients in all sectors including government, education, forestry, mining and manufacturing create and build positive workplace cultures.

Our team’s specialized talents and the connections we bring enhance the service we can provide to you and strengthen the outcomes you achieve for your organization.

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