Our Law Firm Specializes in Workplace Investigations

Southern & Associates is a legal firm based in North Vancouver that specializes in workplace investigations. We are a team of lawyers, supported by excellent administrative staff, who provide neutral, fair and skilled investigation services for complex complaints including sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying. Our experienced lawyers have helped hundreds of clients in all sectors including human rights, labour, employment and privacy law. We are committed to ensuring that workplaces have positive, respectful cultures and that these serious issues are dealt with in a timely and fair manner.

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Mission Statement, Southern & Associates


We are dedicated to making the culture of work productive. 

We build on an organization’s capacity and talent by helping employers address conflict and poor morale with timely, fair processes that produce sustainable and positive change. 

We assist organizations in identifying gaps, risks and strategic change in their organizational structure. Clarity in roles and responsibilities, fair and acceptable investigation of conflict, as well as resolutions and accountability in the workplace can lead to huge improvements in morale and organizational success. 

We challenge and support employers, employees and unions to build respectful workplaces that thrive.

Core Values

  • Fairness is key – neutrality is non-negotiable

Our paramount responsibility to clients is to ensure that the process we run is fair for all involved. This overarching requirement guides us in our work and how we manage complex, and at times, fractious matters.

  • Proportionality matters

The design of the legal response to every dispute should include an analysis of proportionality, relationships and the long-term organizational strategy. Each approach needs to be tailored, including being sensitive to costs.

  • Timeliness equals respect for clients, employees and their businesses

We understand the negative impact that these important legal processes can have on workplace culture and the individuals involved.  Our goal is to ensure we run a fair, efficient process, and deliver timely answers to the organization to reduce disruption and create certainty for those involved.

The Story Behind the Logo

Southern & Associates logo stacked

Designed by Tina Haessler, the logo depicts a compass needle.

Why a compass needle?

The name Southern is directional and evokes journey. The compass needle not only references the directional nature of the name Southern, it symbolizes a tool to guide. That is what we do as an organization. At Southern and Associates, we strive to give safe navigation in times when many can feel lost and without clear direction.

Follow our compass. We will guide you through.