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Jennifer Hawkins, Barrister and Solicitor

Jennifer Hawkins is based in Calgary. She was called to the Bar in British Columbia in 2006 and in Alberta in 2015.  Jennifer has a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University, and received her law degree from the University of Alberta (Dean’s List).

Jennifer has practiced exclusively in the areas of employment, labour, and human rights law throughout her career, first at a national law firm and then at a Vancouver labour and employment boutique firm.  In her practice, she represented private and public sector clients, both provincially and federally regulated.

In 2014 Jennifer transitioned to in-house work in the post-secondary sector as a Labour Relations Consultant in British Columbia before moving to Alberta with her family in 2015.  In Calgary, Jennifer was the Manager of the Employee and Labour Relations team at the University of Calgary, responsible for more than 5000 unionized staff and 600 exempt employees.  She was promoted to the interim position of Associate Director of Employee and Academic Labour Relations where she also oversaw labour relations with the academic staff represented by the Faculty Association. 

Jennifer believes passionately in early detection and prevention and enjoys working with clients to deliver training and to problem solve at the early stages.  Throughout her career she has led investigations and advised on the investigation process.  She takes great pride in working to understand the root of a workplace issue and collaborating with the appropriate parties to achieve sustainable outcomes. 

Jennifer is trusted by executives, union leadership, and employees alike for being knowledgeable, sincere, and fair. 

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