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Jessica Bowering, Barrister and Solicitor

Jessica Bowering is a lawyer, investigator, and advisor with extensive experience resolving workplace issues across a wide variety of organizations. She is widely recognized for her practical, thoughtful, fair-minded, and creative approach to solving problems.

Jessica received her law degree from Dalhousie University in 2002, graduating with the gold medal in her class, and clerked at the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

Jessica worked in labour and employment law for over 10 years, first at a small union-side firm, and then in-house for two major health care unions. Her labour and employment practice has included arbitrations, labour board cases, human rights cases, jurisdictional disputes, and pension and benefits litigation. 

Jessica has played a senior role in all aspects of bargaining and administering province-wide multi-employer collective agreements and is a skilled negotiator. This experience in managing diverse interests while maintaining constructive long-term relationships informs all aspects of her practice.

In 2015, Jessica moved to Alberta as an Assistant Deputy Minister in the Policy Coordination Office of Executive Council. She was promoted to Deputy Minister in 2016. Her office was responsible for coordinating work on the most complex legal and policy issues facing government. She supported government employees in all departments in obtaining Cabinet decisions in relation to hundreds of policies, regulations and pieces of legislation.

Jessica returned to BC in Spring 2019. Through her extensive experience both working for unions and as a manager in a complex public sector organization, she has developed a keen understanding of the pitfalls that can occur and what is required to manage people effectively. She uses this insight and understanding to support employees, employers, and unions in resolving workplace issues through investigations, training, and advice.

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